Sunday, June 19, 2016

#2 Mwave order - Review (GOT7 - FLY)

It has been 2 years since my last order on Mwave! 
This time GOT7 was holding a Meet&Greet for their 5th mini album FLY LOG DEPARTURE.
I really love their track FLY so I ordered it. :)

This time I was lucky enough to be selected to receive a special photocard. :) 
Mine is Junior's photocard.

Apparently I got Jackson's sign, I feel like I'm reading my doctor's writing so I am in no position to say anything about who's signature it is because I have no idea. :')) haha

Since 2014, Mwave Shop has evolved a lot! Few things I noticed:
In 2014:
- Free shipping for orders above $35
- Tracking number for $3
- Very long shipping delay (3 months)
- Shop offer non-meet&greet products

In 2016:
- Free shipping for orders abour $50
- All shipping methods include tracking number ($7-8)
- Quick shipping delay (2 weeks)
- No more non-meet&greet products

Honestly, I find the prices has gone up quite a lot in the meantime of 2 years. 
One album is about $20 so you must buy at least 3 albums to get the free shipping.
(There's some albums which are more expensive but if you try, you'd see that it would not really match up $50, it will always go to $60 or $70)

One great thing: The shipping delay has improved considerabily!
Before you had to wait at least 2-3 months before receiving your order but this time I received my order in 2 weeks! It was shipped on June 3rd and I received it on June 14th.
(Although the shipping prices have gone up..)

I'd say I would rather wait 3 months than paying that much shipping fees.
I spent of $28-29 on this album! \O_O/

If you want to do more comparaisons yourself, you can look up for my first review of Mwave shop here.

Beside Mwave shop's review, few photos of the mini album itself! :3

Bambam & JB's boarding ticket.

Jackson's card, yay. ♥
I love this boy! He is so funny. My mom also loves him even though she knows nothing about GOT7, she keep calling him "the kid from HK" because she can't remember his name, lol.

To end this review, if back then the delay was a big turn-off. Now it's the shipping fees that are being a big turn-off. 
I mean, really. I paid about the double of the original price only because of an autograph.
Did you know that if they forget to sign your album they would only refund you $3? I think it would be extremly rare but that would be so unworthy because you still paid more than you should after getting back $3. 
That really make me think twice before buying...

But if you really want it, why not?

I hope that review was useful somehow! :)

Saturday, June 4, 2016

#1 KCON in Paris

As a lot of people know, there was the first KCON in France, most precisely, in Paris.
F(x), SHINee, BTS, Block B, FT Island and I.O.I were the main guests plus LeeTeuk as the MC.

Well, I'm also one of those fans who went to the concert. I arrived a bit before 9 am with two friends and the queue for the con as well as for the concert were already VERY VERY long.
There were probably already ~2500-3000 people queueing in each queue.

Concerning the con:
those who were there all know and were very disappointed and it's totally undertsandable. At first, they kept writing all over the net that they would accept 500 people in each session and if there's people coming out, they would let some people go inside.
That's not what happened.
What happened is that they opened at 10 am and only let 450 people get in, letting the rest of us queue until.... around 11:30/12:00 maybe, the queue got short.. nobody was too suspiscious because .. I mean, God, we were so happy that we moved a bit!
Then some members of the staff came to explain that "We have a bad news for you guys. You may not be able to get inside from this part of the queue." We were like "wtf? why?"
Why? Well, in short, they were telling us that the second session that was supposed to start at 1 pm already have started apparently! That the machine is counting 450 people, and would block anyone else. So at the end, there were no "rolling queue" at all.
Fed up, some girls I met and I left the queue to pick up fandom banners and such for the concert.
From the entrance, we could clearly see that there were probably 800 people in front of where we were so we completly gave up the con.

I saw people getting out of the con, but they did not let anyone get inside, so there were indeed, no rolling queue as they stated on the net. I later, also texted a friend who were there since 8 am and he said that he wasn't able to get inside as well.

The convention? FLOP. Well, at least for the organisation, I don't know if it was dope inside, but besides the meet&greet, apparently, it wasn't that great. 
Next time, please choose somewhere bigger than that...
I mean, you sold over 15000 tickets and you only allowing 900 people for the con? Are you kidding us?  It's not even smth like 7000-8000, no, 900/15 000 people, this is barely 6% of us.
We froze our butts for nothing, they could have come and say that earlier...

Concerning the concert:
I was really surprised that it started at 8 pm sharp! :o
It was kinda incredible to see that so much people came from all over Europe (or even, the world) to attend this first KCON in Paris!
The concert started with a short presentation from LeeTeuk, the project France-Korea for this 130th anniversary named Ari Rendez-vous (Beautiful rendez-vous) then an opening song leaded by BTS followed by the other artists.

I mainly was there for BTS and SHINee but every group was mesmerizing. I really loved Block B.
I also got nostalgic with FT Island, even though I don't listen to them anymore, I thought that Lee Hongki's energy was really something! SHINee (Key), mentioned that he would like to hold a concert in Paris and I got a feel that Shawol are going to be blessed in a very near future! :D Please, do come!

I might sound biaised, but, I am really not lying, when BTS came up, almost all of us stood up, and the cheers/screams were the loudest. u_u (Innuendo: Please, do a world tour, come to Europe, come to France, look at all those fans you got here! I mean, how could you not do a concert here?)

Even though all of them look so small on my picture, my view wasn't bad for a cat 4 ticket, I was just 2 rows behind the cat2. There were free seats in other category and the staff did allow people to change seats and stuff and I was SO tempted to go over cat2 (and I'm sure I could) but I didn't want to be dishonest as I own a cat4 ticket.

Overall, I think that everyone behaved very well during the whole event. I've met some lovely girls in the queue and they all happen to all be BTS fans, lol. One of them even came from Romania for this Kcon! O_O Unfortunately, I didn't saw them again during and after the event.
I left reaaaaally quickly after the concert, which ended at 11:15pm, because my mom was calling me various time but I couldn't answer during the concert, I tried by making her listen to the scream so she would know I'm still inside but ... yeah... lol
I really feel sorry I couldn't bid goodbye to my friends but I was really in a rush. >_<

If you were there, I hope you also enjoyed the even/con/concert and stuff. If you weren't there, well, there will always be a next time so don't worry!!! :3

I'm ending my post here and I'm leaving few photos I took during the concert.

I will also post some videos later on my Youtube channel here.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


I don't often post my outfit of the day shots since I do it on Instagram.
I guess I will still post few once in a while. haha

Sweater: vintage (my aun'ts)
Jeans: Pull & Bear

This is my aunt's sweater, she only wears it at home though so I borrowed it. haha
Lately the weather is so nice, but not enough for me to bring out my short sleeves tops and shorts. ;_;
As I'll have my internship and maybe a summer job too (if I'm lucky),  I'll probably have to follow a dresscode. orz

Hope you guys are also enjoying the weather!
Have a nice day.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

All-in-one make up review (Etude House, MISSHA, Too Faced, Holika Holika)

A all-in-one review of 5 products including Etude House, MISSHA, Too Faced, Holika Holika! 
I think that would give you an overview on a full make up face.

First, non-make up face.
(I did applied skincare here though)

Full face make up.

(photo is not edited at all)

1) Holika Holika - Wonder Drawing (01)
There is no much to said, it's a eyebrow pencil, easy to use, no need to shaved the pen. 
Super cheap ~$6

2) Too Faced - Lash Injection
It's a super nice waterproof mascara, long lasting unless you rub your eyes, easy to remove.
The big brush is a little inconvenient for people who has short lashes like me, the mascara would smudge a little on your lids.

3) MISSHA - Perfect concealer (23)
It's a cream concealer, available in Light beige 21 or Natural beige 23. The coverage is not that good but I like the creamy texture and the fact that it won't cake on your skin. This one is also cheap, it's about $5 I believe? 

4) Etude House - Color Lips Fit (RD301)
Available in different colors, and they are all super pretty! I used it for a while and I must say that it actually makes your lips a bit dry. It's super long lasting since it's a tint, super pigmented!

5) MISSHA M Magic Cushion moisture (23)
Also available in Light Beige (21) or Natural Beige (23). 
Very easy to apply, you only need a small quantity to cover your whole face. The result is very natural thanks to the pad.
My skin is sensitive so I cannot really use a lot of products tbh, I heard a lot about cushion BB cream and I was wondering if I would be able to use it.. I pondered a lot but it's only $10 compared to other cushions so I thought I would give it a try, boum, love it!

I got those products either from Cosmetic Love or Rinishop. Too Faced mascara from Sephora.
Get -15% off on your 1st purchase on Cosmetic Love by clicking here with the loyalty program!

I hope that quick all-in-one review was helpful! :) 
Drop a comment below if you have any question!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

OPPO R7 - Review

I haven't told anyone I got myself a new smartphone, but.. yeah, I got myself a OPPO R7.
I hesitated a lot with a Samsung Galaxy S6, I wanted it so so bad but it was twice the price of the R7.
The thing that convinced me at the end is that OPPO R7 has got 16GB of memory and you can add an SD card.

I'm only doing my review now because I thought I ought to try out the phone for a while and see if some rumors are true and how good/bad the phone is. I got it for 3 months now.

(damn, I just saw that the box cover is upside down, haha)


The smartphone is really on the edge of the box. Mine slipped when I opened the box, I almost had a heart attack thinking that I broke it even though I just got it. 
The box is really tight, make sure that you'll open it on the table or on something else and not just standing or tilting the box thinking it's ok.

Included with the phone : 
- Earphones   
- USB adapter
- USB cable   
+ a phone case

Basically, there's an opening just like for the Iphone.
You can either put a SIM card + SD card or 2 SIM cards.

Now talking about the phone itself, here's a screenshot directly from OPPO's official site:

As you can see, it's a good phone and nearly as good as any expensive android or Iphone on the market but for half the price of it. R7 is sold for about $370-80 if I'm not wrong?

Someone we know was actually in China at that moment and he could bring it for us, so we asked him to buy it directly there. I am not gonna lie, it was a bit cheaper, lol.
Surprise not a surprise, when the phone came, it was full chinese, plus, the Oppo app store only allowed me to download chinese apps, no social networks such as FB, Instagram etc. 

First, fear not! You can switch it to english!  Ok, deal.
Secondly, how to get Play Store?! This was though, I tried to find a solution on internet, it was hell, so I was so pissed with this phone, I was ready to throw it... then.. BINGO.

I found the solution: 
Go to Files, look for this APKs folder, download it. You're supposed to be good once you have done that. 

Mine is currently empty. Honnestly.. don't ask me why, I don't know, maybe because I already downloaded everything, this is actually a freshly took screenshot, I did that 3 months ago, I don't remember. :'))

Some questions you might ask yourself:

- Is it true that if you charge it for 5 minute you can use it for 2 hours?
 Uhm, I did not charged it for exactly 5 minute but yes, actually it's true that if you charge it for 5-10 minute, you can use it for a while, unless you go on the internet etc. which is consuming a lot of battery. The battery is really good, I basically don't even need to charge it during the day and still have 30~40% left at the end of the day! O_O 
This mind blow me everyday, I used to charge my old phone during the day, carrying a power bank like a lot of people but now I don't need it!

- Is the camera good?
..Very good. My friend used to make fun of my old phone because if I tried to zoom my pictures, it ended up being very blurry and ugly. Now I'm proud to say that the pictures taken by my phone's camera is almost as good as the one taken by her Samsung Note 4. HAHA!

Here's some samples:

front camera

- Are most of the apps available?
Yes, if you get Play Store that's it. lol  Basically, it's like any android out there. 


This is a good phone with a great price. 
The + about this phone is the SD slot, which is extra nice if you don't want to loose your data if something happen to your phone. I know that Apple users have ICloud or something similar to stock their photos and all but I know some people who lost everything because of a mistake or because their phone broke etc. And Samsung's new smartphones don't enable you to add a SD card either. This was the thing that really convinced me because without internet/wifi on, you can't  synchro your files on your cloud, if something happens in between, boum, you lost your things.

Edit: I almost forgot, Oppo has a app that enable you to download music, MVs, etc. Even the latest track that just came out, it has.. all kind of music, american songs, even Jpop, Kpop... For free!! :D

If you get one from China, you'll have a really hard time. I couldn't use my internet data, so a friend had to help me and put some text code based on our telephone operator (which happen to be the same, thanks God). If you get one from the official international site, you'll probably be fine though.

Oh, and I really hate the messages system. 
It's grouped together, so you have to click twice before you find your conversation, it's kind of a hassle to do when you're in a hurry. Unlike Samsung, you cannot changed the background color and bubbles, it's all black and I find it kinda hard to read on this. In short : it's ugly and not nice to use.

If you have a tight budget but want a great phone, go for it! 
OPPO R7 is really light, thin, pretty much close to the Iphone 6 to be honnest. 

It's something between Iphone and Android.
If you have a larger budget and can allow yourself to buy a smartphone more expensive than this and you don't really want to .. try and spend time trying to get use to it etc.. Don't buy it. 
I don't exacly regret it, but if I could rewind time, I would probably go for a Samsung or an Iphone just because it's easier to use etc. But talking about the quality, OPPO R7 is a really great phone. 

Personnaly, I would give a 7,5/10.
(But, I don't think I would ever give a 10/10 to any product so.. lol)

This is kinda long, I hope it was useful for you!
If you have any question, feel free to comment! I'll do my best to inform you! :)