ETUDE HOUSE - Salon Cream Hair Coloring [Vanilla Gold Brown] - Review

My journey to have light colored hair without bleaching ... A part that I've forgotten to post earlier. :(

Since my roots were getting longer, I thought that it would be the timing to do another hair coloring.
I did this coloration after weeks after I tried out Missha Sand Brown color.
This time I picked 'Vanilla Gold Brown' color from Etude House's cream dyes.

This is how my hair looks like before the coloration. Black roots, a mix of blonde/remaining of red coloration
(please don't mind my bare face)

* * *
After the coloration. My roots came out much lighter! There is still a bit of reddish brown but it's not really that visible.

- Very good coverage - Long lasting             - The dye doesn't smell bad - Less easy to apply than a bubble dye (obviously)
The color turned out quite prettily, even though it's more like a dark blonde than gold brown I guess? The coverage is definitely better than Missha's Long Wear hair coloring cream, so I'm…

China Beijing Tour for only $99 (or €99)? DEAL or SCAM? REVIEW

So this summer I went to China with my aunt & uncle for the first time ever. And our plan included a €99 Beijing Tour (8 days).
It's a tour that's supposed to cost you only €99 (or $, depending on where you're at), which covers hotel fees, meals, entry fees for museum or whatever you'll be visiting.

But, really? only €99?
I'm just going to talk about the scams, as for the visits and stuff, I'm just going to skip it, but if you're interested, you can ask.

TEA SHOP On the 1st day, we were brought to a tea shop, to have a small talk about tea and to try them.
At the end, they presented us the teas we tried and were trying to sell them to us. The prices go from ~$25 to ~$60.
I really liked it but.. I was like "even my Mariage Frères tea doesn't cost that much?" so I wasn't planning to buy anything. The salespersons start coming at us asking us if we were interested and we told them "no" but you know, they were really persistent.

A'PIEU - Air Fit Cushion Bboyan - Review

While looking for a cushion, I discovered that white cushions exist!  This one is the Air Fit Cushion Bboyan from A'PIEU. It has a SPF 50+, which makes it perfect for the summer, especially for those who are very pale and need extra protection. '뽀얀' (bboyan) litteraly means 'immaculate'.
In case that I have to say it out loud.. yes, it turned out just to be some kind of sunscreen cushion.

I actually wanted to use it for cosplay, because the characters that I cos are usually very pale. It does help a little if you apply a good quantity, but if you lightly dab it on your skin, it isn't showing very much. 

This is the result of a lot of layers, almost painting my fore arm, lol.

I'd give it a 4/5.
I don't think that it was a very useful purchase, as the usual BB or CC cushion already have a SPF 30+ or sometimes, even 50+. Just like sunscreen, the texture is a bit .. thick (?), and not as liquid as BB or CC.  I tried it before putting on my usual cushion an…

Palty - Awapack Hair Color in Cream Caramel - Review (on blonde hair)

You can call this my umpteenth hair experience but it's my first time trying Palty bubble hair dye.
I got tired of my very yellow blonde hair and I thought about dying it in a light brown color.

The box contains: the coloring cream, the oxyde water and hair conditionner.  It also comes with a cup and some sort of spatula to mix the color. And of course, the instructions and a pair of gloves.  

The usual, mix the cream and the oxyde water: then you're done! Unlike bubble hair dyes from Etude House, this one doesn't smell great. D:

This is what my hair looked it before I dyed it: very yellow blonde.

Surprise! I even got blonder than before. I was laughing to much, I know that bubble dyes don't work well on light colored hair but I thought I'd get a darker shade of blonde but it surprisingly went lighter! I guess it's because there's a ash tone in it, so it toned my yellow color.

The tips of my hair became a very light ash blonde color.


One day of December

I haven't post my outfit for a while, have I? Actually I do post them but on my Instagram.

My outfit for the day includes: Sweater - K for Kookai Jeans - Pull and Bear Coat - Claudie Pierlot Beret - Wego  Bag - Love Moschino

We are reaching the end of December but I have two main goals: work out and watch a lot of movies. haha
I am trying to go to the gym as much as possible since... I do pay for that... but also because I put on some weight and I would be happy if I can loose it, really..  As for the movies, there are so much movies that seem so cool and that I must watch! I have already seen Moana, I was a bit disappointed to be honest.. It wasn't as exciting as I thought it would be although I did shed two tears for the touching parts...  I went to watch Rogue One: A Star Wars story with a friend today, it was cool, it literally goes like boom boom boom boom (no, I'm not trying to quote Seventeen's lyrics..). It was kinda moving but the movie just went as we expected, u…

[ETUDE HOUSE] Lucky Red Little Nut palette - Review

Etude House did a new collection called My Little Nut and I absolutely love the colors! I was waiting for them to do a new Fantastic Color Eyes palette and here we are!  (Last time I bought one it was back in 2014, it was a Halloween collection. I still have it & I am using it well!)
There is two palettes: Lucky Red Little Nut & Wish Blue Little Nut.  I absolutely don't use blue tone color so I only bought the red tone version. 

Here are the swatches:

Toffee Latte is warm beige color so unfortunately it is not really visible.  I absolutely love this palette and I cannot be happier. ♥  I wanted a shimmer warm brown eyeshow and I litteraly hunting for 'Heat' single eyeshadow from NYX but it was always sold out at their stores! I am so glad that Etude House made that Hey Good Nut. TT_TT Bless you Etude! 

I tried to wipe them off and obviously the darker colors are haging there better than the lighter colors. 

I usually wear nude colors but I tried using pink/red eyes…

Kylie Cosmetics - GINGER lipstick - Review [ENG/FR]

At first when Kylie launched her brand I wasn't very interested, I thought it was a bit pricey and at first there was not a lot of review. Then I saw a lot of people being interested and say a lot of good things about it so I thought.. why not?

Au début quand Kylie a lancé sa marque je n'étais pas trop intéressée car je trouvais ça un peu cher et il y avait très peu d'avis là dessus. Puis j'ai vu beaucoup de personnes intéressées et qui ne disaient que des bonnes choses à propos de ça et donc je me suis dis.. pourquoi pas?

In order to just test it, I only picked a single matte: Ginger.  A kind of .. dust pink color with a hint of orange/brown?
J'ai juste pris qu'une seule couleur pour tester: Ginger. C'est un.. vieux rose avec un peu d'orange/marron?

This is when I went out around 2 pm.
Ça, c'est quand je suis sortie vers 14h.

And this, is when I came back home around ~5pm. During that time, I ate a croissant and drank tea. (and did my eyeliner, lol)