Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mwave shop order - Review (EXO Overdose + BOYFRIEND Obsession)

They had a Meet&Greet for BOYFRIEND second mini album Obsession, so I thought it was a good timing to try their service. (If you're wondering what is "Meet&Greet" thingy, they hold it for some artists during a period time and if you make a purchase on one of these albums, you can get it sign and even push your luck and get some presents.) 

I got mine signed by Donghyun, I hoped that I could get it signed by one of my beloved twins, but guess you can't always get what you want, haha.
(By the way, I was pretty much sobbing in my mind when I saw my biais Kwangmin chose 5 winners and saw his cursor past over 5 times and never cliking on my profile pic. I even put my best lolita photo! orz)

I also bought EXO's Overdose, I could easily get this one in France, but actually I must say that all the price on french kpop shop was a bit higher compared to the original price.
(Well, it's always higher, sometimes it's only 2-3€ but sometimes it's much more like 5€ or even 10€ as for XOXO) I got mine for 13€ instead of 18€. Saved 5 bucks.

It's the first time I bought on Mwave shop, I made an order on June 11th and received it today: September 16th. So basically, it's a 3 months delay to receive your order.
Don't be surprise if they haven't shipped it after 1 or 2 month, because for my part I received a mail saying they shipped it around 2 weeks ago. 
The shipping itself is pretty quick though.

Pros: - The prices! And it goes without saying that if you happen to have your favorite artists holding a Meet&Greet, it's even better.
- Shipping fees are free over $30 purchase! (track is not free though but really cheap: $3)

Cons: - Delay to receive your goods. They are really taking their sweet time to ship your things, I can understand that some make a huge ass order over 50 CDs on one go but.. 3 months is too long. 

Well if you're not in a hurry, I think it's a pretty nice deal! Worth to try at least once. :)
Hope that review was useful to you. If you have some question about the Meet&Greet or else, drop me a comment!

Monday, August 11, 2014

My little haul : May & June

I forgot to post this earlier because I was busy, but here's my little purchases during May and June! :)

First! I got myself a new pair of eyewear because my old pair was very unconfortable even though I really like them, maybe it was a little heavy for my ears but after hours, I always felt like my right ear was going to fall off...

I've chosen a pair from Kenzo, they're tortie color although we can't not see it clearly. 
Very light, so light that I'm afraid to break them, haha. 
(J'ai eu les miennes chez Vision Plus à Paris 13ème comme d'habitude. Le service est toujours satisfaisant, et à la demande, il est possible de commander des montures non dispo à la boutique! Ce que je trouve génial même si jusqu'à présent je n'ai pas essayé, haha.)

And I also got myself a Boy London tank top. 'LEAVE THE BOY ALONE' 
It's one of my favorite brand! I wore it during a day of my finals. 

My aunt bought me a Furla belt! They didn't had another color but it was in sale and the price was correct.
My pants are all too large for me so I really needed one, and a solid one!

I received 2 pairs of socks as a gift along with a bank check. I bought from a online shop and I never received my package, I always thought that was lost and after 2 years, I got the chance to talk to someone who's from the shop and got my money back! Never expect that but I'm very thankful and happy!

The minus is, the person was nice enough to tell me that I can get the check directly from her friend so I don't have to pay for the shipping fees, but I had my finals and couldn't meet her friend, so I still paid the shipping fees to her friend. Guess what? Her friend sent me a giant box (A3 size?) with ONLY the socks and the bank check. And of course, it was pricey... 
Through a tracked letter it would have cost me only the half of what i paid. :(

And my last purchase if a tee shirt i bought during my scholar trip in Greece. The quality is ok, I bought it  5€, I really like the print, I cut the collar to make it bigger but it got even bigger after I washed it. lol
Too late is too late, never mind. orz

That's all !! :)
Next time it will be my haul for July and August! 

Friday, August 1, 2014

Japan Expo 15th anniversary (2014)

Like every year I went to Japan Expo! This year is Japan Expo's 15th anniversary so they especially extended the event to 5 days instead of 4 days.
I got myself the pass for 5 days, I have a lot of project cosplay but unfortunately I had my final exams and my results were out during the friday of Japan Expo, meaning that if I fail, I would have to give up on the remaining days.
So I lacked of time, of mood to finish any of my "great cosplay"

For the 1st day I still had time to sew my Sytry cosplay, it's the outfit he were wearing during Solomon's era:

And I guess because I thought that my cos was really shitty, nobody in France knows what is Makai Ouji, I didn't take any picture of myself. So the only picture I have is the one with Kaname. 

I have to confess.
I bought my 5 days ticket to be sure that I would see Kaname (since didn't found any schedule).
He was here during the 5 days, at the K missing kings booth for 1h, for the signs. And for another 1h, he was at another booth for the photo session.
To get a sign or a photo with Kaname, you just have to buy a official K good. It was affordable for everyone (Range of 7€ to 82€)

He cosplayed Saruhiko Fushimi for the first day then Mikoto for the second day.
Then I don't know, because I was reving to retake my finals. 
FML, right? It's ok. 

But before that I also got his sign.
Little awkward to give him my cellphone, but didn't have another thing. Yes I have the postal card but.. I was afraid that I was going to lost it somewhere in my room. 

But it's ok, I even have a ♥ next to my name. lmao

Then for the rest of the day and the next day I didn't do anything.. special. There's nothing to do during wednesday and thursday. It felt empty, no special nicely made cosplay, no any lolita friends to be seen...
Well, I saw the Asobi System crew, with Eva, Ayumi etc.. But. was too shy to ask for a pic. Not sure that they were willing to accept..

All I did was buying .. I got myself some japanese false lashes, a eyeliner, some choco..

I absolutely love Funassyi and Crunky choco, best choco ever! Not too sweet, just.. perfect! Wish I bought more than that!

All I saw was a cute japanese guy. 
Sorry for the bad quality, he really did look cute in real life though. 
He also had a tail. 

Overall impression for this year...

It felt.. empty. Maybe because during wednesday and thurday there's not much activities or showcase or I don't know what else. 
I thought that maybe the 1st day I had to ditch a friend and his friends halfway (because they wanted to see something else and I had the sign session with kaname) and that the second day I had to go alone because my best friend was working.
So I thought that's why it wasn't funny alone, but then I chat a little about it with some other friends, we didn't went on the same days, they went for the most interesting days like friday or saturday. And they also told me that it was a bit disappointing/empty feeling. 

[A week after, I went to a manga store in Paris and overheard a conversation between the owner and a guy and they said that it was awfully expensive. He spent +100€/day, it wasn't really interesting if the prices are going up like this. etc.. And that a xx brand is not coming anymore because having a booth at Japan Expo is really pricey, that it didn't worth it because they even lost money from it.]

So I conclude that.. indeed, it was.. not very interesting. 

I was happy they made a Kawaii Area with Asobi System etc.. but then during the 2 days, I went a lot around it, it wasn't especially interesting.. It was big, it was also.. empty. 
They had a booth selling some Diamond Lashes, another booth with few goodies, the polaroid booth and... it was pretty much like it.. 

To be honnest, when I was back, my legs were hurting like hell, it was tiring, I went to Japan Expo for 5 years and first time of my life I was feeling like "I don't want to go anymore"
Plus, the prices of the tickets are more expensive now...

BUT, I still hope that you enjoyed it, if you were present. :)
And I also hope that next year will be more interesting and that they won't rise the prices of the tickets.
Thank you for the Funassyi booth and Kaname coming at J.E though. lol