Saturday, May 31, 2014

Bubble Hair coloring [07 Mocha Pink] - Etude House REVIEW (on light hair!!)

I tried to dye my blond hair into a ash color and failed. (Here if you want to see)
Then my mom bought some Bubble from Etude House and can't use it on her hair, so I took and and tried if you can color your light hair into a darker shade using bubble hair foam.

So before dying it...

(I'm really really sorry for this.. filter effect, I didn't edit it. Lately I'm having problems when I upload my pictures on my blogger... )

As usual, unlike other brands it smells very good and has a yellow color.

So after the dye..
Like all the hair coloring I tried, Etude House really works the best! 
It's more black/dark brown then Mocha Pink with some redish tone though.

With flash, you can see that's a little redish on the roots and for the rest it's black and a little blonde because I didn't really do it well. 

Without flash, day time, artificial light:

(Still have this weird effect with blogger... *sigh* FML)

I did it during april, like in the middle, before going to Greece.
Now it's like a month later....
Well, color is no longer here. It turned into a light brown/dark blonde.

And because I didn't bleach my roots for months.. Well, they're still pitch black. haha

So.. to make it short.
Etude's Bubble do works on light hair, the color may turn different though.
It's really easy to apply, doesn't smell funny. 

But: because it's foam, it may be a little uneven when you wash it off. 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

8 days and 7 nights in Greece!

For those who're senior majoring in Sc. economics and social, a seminar were organized for us in Greece.
Tbh, I was reluctant to go, first real trip overseas and having roommates when I know that I'm a clean freak about my things ..

We departed at 7 am, so by 5am everyone was already at the airport.

(bought some Godiva choco because someone told me they're delicious. I think they're ok, more delicious than the common ones but nothing.. really delicious)

We stayed 3 nights at Minoa Hotel, in Tolo, which was very clean, serving nice food. The place is very calm, there's no much people in the area and you can sun tan or swim.
By walk, there's some ice cream parlor and some small stores which are still opened late in the night.

  We just sit there and revised, sometimes on the terrace and I guess the others were really pleased because they could smoke while listening to the teacher and some even lay down if we're revising on the beach. haha

For 3 bucks, have a medium cone. I took stracciatella and mint with choco chips. Delicious but way too big and mint was too much refleshing, haha.

And night time, sneak out to try the banana flavor ice cream in small cone. Yummy~
But I was really going to throw out because.. 2 ice creams in one day was too much. 
And I didn't eat ice cream for days after it because I was so sick of it. lmao

And then after it we changed hotel and city everyday so I don't really remember where was where..
So ramdom pictures, here you go!

And a splendid sunset just behind us while we were having a lesson on the beach. At Aegina

The same night because the teachers gave us some free time, we went doing a campfire on the beach.
And it went wrong at the end because fire didn't last, people was too lazy to go find things to burn etc.. 
But at the beginning it was quite fun, a friend have a video of most of the thing, I did film half of the thing because she had to go get things and I wasn't watching what I was filming so.. I filmed.. butts and legs..

So .. don't be surprised if you see your butt for nearly 2mins. lol

Beside the beautiful landscapes, bonding times, petty fights .. We can't forget fooooood~~~
(Vegetarian) Food porn time...

 My favorites ... 
Cheesy pasta.. So yummy!!

And last meal at the hotel.. cheesy omelet.. and it was freaking giant.

And last ice cream in Greece, Hazelnut and Pistachio. 

Positive things:

- The air was way more pure than in Paris, so I did not have asthma attack.
- Even if I woke up really earlier and didn't sleep more than 5h/day, I was still quite energetic
- It was a really nice occasion to bond with some of my classmates, on the way of making new friends, haha.
That was really the most important thing for me, I discovered that some of my classmates are really nice guy and actually are more approachable than what I think. 
- The weather was really nice

Negative things:

- The toilets.. You can't flush your used paper. YEURK!
- I had a stomachache everyday because of their food and even now it's arching...
- Girls are really annoying, including my friends.. Drama queen.
- The rocks were freaking slippy and I did fell once.

For the first time of my life I ate so much! I don't have desserts or starters at home and I was really surprised how much they were serving! But I did lose +1kg because of... stomach problems.. 
I was really annoyed to death by some people, especially the girls including my friends.. They complain once, twice, for 10min then for 1h etc.. You just have to go down stairs to eat BUT I must wait for them. 
Wherever I was going, I had to stick with them and we did not always wanted to go to the same place...
And at the end it was the last straw for me so I did the last 3 days alone in a corner and sometimes talk a little to the guys because they were more easy going and wasn't annoying.

Bonding was nice, I really hated Greece's toilet and I reallly really hate girls.
I did really appreciate the cheesy omelet, best meal ever.
I did also appreciate the night club even if I was the only one who were sober and didn't have much fun compared to the others.
End of my story. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Unsignificant cosplay WIP and news

I didn't do much recently so I don't have any tutorial or review to show you.
I'm on holidays now so I using this time to finish my cosplay, especially for Shingeki no Kyojin. So actually I bought quite a lot and used all my money mostly on material and fabrics.

I bought a new headphone and a pair of striped socks for Arisugawa cosplay (Fukumenkei Noise) and Kureha cosplay (Monochrome shounen shoujo). Too engrossed into Ryoko Fukuyama sensei mangas, haha.

And taking my cosplay hobby seriously, I also order some samples for Kureha's usamimi.
I still don't know which color would be fit for her ears.. I don't have enough colored drawing of she.. è_è

I also went to buy some fabrics, ended up buying very expensive one: fake leather for Levi's cosplay and some nice poplin grey fabric for his shirt and some nowenven fabric for "a base". 
Here's a pic of my WIP.

I also bought some cream. Always wanted to try Kose's Sekkisei collection.. 
Still not opening it, hehe.

And to have a little money, I also did this pair of garters for a friend of mine. 
If you're interested.. You can leave a comment below. I don't have money anymore, lol.

And today I also started to make a body harness. wtf
I was supposed to finish my cosplay...

Just showing quickly how I'm doing lately. Next time if I have enough pictures I'll do a review of Etude House Bubble hair color on blonde hair people! :)
And if I receive my things to finish my 3DMG I can also share some tips if some are interested.

Well.. Actually I have nothing to say. I'm really happy that I could finally have a break from school, we were really busy especially the last 2 weeks, doing all sort of things such as attending bunch of economics conferences in different places around Paris, including at school, in a hotel etc... lol

(And now I can joke around telling you that in luxury places, the bathroom is already behind a mirror. lol. You will really have a hard time to find them if there's nobody going to the bathroom. You have to look at the handle and actually there's a "Lady" or "Men" inscribed on it.)