Thursday, April 17, 2014

Unsignificant cosplay WIP and news

I didn't do much recently so I don't have any tutorial or review to show you.
I'm on holidays now so I using this time to finish my cosplay, especially for Shingeki no Kyojin. So actually I bought quite a lot and used all my money mostly on material and fabrics.

I bought a new headphone and a pair of striped socks for Arisugawa cosplay (Fukumenkei Noise) and Kureha cosplay (Monochrome shounen shoujo). Too engrossed into Ryoko Fukuyama sensei mangas, haha.

And taking my cosplay hobby seriously, I also order some samples for Kureha's usamimi.
I still don't know which color would be fit for her ears.. I don't have enough colored drawing of she.. è_è

I also went to buy some fabrics, ended up buying very expensive one: fake leather for Levi's cosplay and some nice poplin grey fabric for his shirt and some nowenven fabric for "a base". 
Here's a pic of my WIP.

I also bought some cream. Always wanted to try Kose's Sekkisei collection.. 
Still not opening it, hehe.

And to have a little money, I also did this pair of garters for a friend of mine. 
If you're interested.. You can leave a comment below. I don't have money anymore, lol.

And today I also started to make a body harness. wtf
I was supposed to finish my cosplay...

Just showing quickly how I'm doing lately. Next time if I have enough pictures I'll do a review of Etude House Bubble hair color on blonde hair people! :)
And if I receive my things to finish my 3DMG I can also share some tips if some are interested.

Well.. Actually I have nothing to say. I'm really happy that I could finally have a break from school, we were really busy especially the last 2 weeks, doing all sort of things such as attending bunch of economics conferences in different places around Paris, including at school, in a hotel etc... lol

(And now I can joke around telling you that in luxury places, the bathroom is already behind a mirror. lol. You will really have a hard time to find them if there's nobody going to the bathroom. You have to look at the handle and actually there's a "Lady" or "Men" inscribed on it.)

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Cosplay Tutorial - How to make Judal bracelets/bangle?

Since I'm not in mood to finish my math homework, I'm gonna share my super tutorial that I just create in few minutes! 
Judal's cosplay is nor hard: cropped top and harlem pants. 
The point are his bracelets and his neckalce/choker. 

First I thought about buying some PVC bracelets in gold, I found them on Ebay for a fair price but they were too large for my wrists and I need 20 of them, which is quite.. impressive.
AND, I need a choker with the same look. Obivously couldn't buy some... 

First thing I did was to buy some gold vinyl fabric:
(don't mind the lace, it's for my Doll cosplay)

Then I pondered for many months, what should it do it?
Should I fill it like with a plush? Should I buy some rope to fill it? ...
Neither of them seem to be a nice solution... Then I came across something nice..

Close enough? :D I don't know what it's called, but it's made of foam, so super light and easy to cut!
I wasn't sure if it would look nice if I just cover it so I cut it into piece. 

Cut it into your wrist size, left 2-3cm so you can just slide it on your forearm/wrists.
Sew it in the back, tightest is the best. 

Then just sew the two side together. 

And I made 11 or maybe 12 until now. It easy but it takes a lot of time, but the result is the best.
(To me, it is)
And I don't know what's happening with my pictures, fml. 

Thanks for reading, I hope it was useful, and comment~ /o/

Friday, February 21, 2014

After sale haul !

Even though it was the sale I didn't bought much because I was still very busy with school and most of the things on sale were quite.. ugly. Unfortunately... 
But, don't worry, I still have bought things before, after and order on the net! 8D

I bought two pairs of shoes pending the sale, a pair of dark brown low boots and a pair of high heels.
Both are from New Look. 

 Odered a pair of shoes from the net! A bit too large for me so I also order a pair of insoles. lol

A very elegant shirt from Anecdote! I love it so much but still don't know how to wear it... 
But it will be perfect for kodona or lolita! :D

I bought this pull over a month ago, it's from JSG! It's really thick but not so warm but I still love it!

And also ordered a liquid eyeliner because I need one! A sailor moon one! It was very expensive...
I thought about selling it again but still kept that because it's.. so cute.

And, and, and, keeping the best for the end.. I bought the photo card set from Stay ! ^^ ♥ 
She's one of my favorite cosplayer (even though, tbh, I'm not a fan of most of the characters she's cosplaying, but she's very good at it!!)
The quality is.. extra.. I thought that it would be regular photo paper, but it's some real cards, well you can't see it but it have some relief pattern on each of them! 
I think I bought it for.. $15?

And, the money are donate! So all the people who's helping her to achieve this are doing it for free. 
(details on her fb lol
link are on the last pic!)

If you want to see more of her amazing works, you can access the links which are on the picture below:

And I actually had order a lot from the net but.. it's nothing important so I'm cutting my post here. 
Thanks for reading, see you on the next post! kekeke