Wednesday, February 27, 2013

MizUnderstood Créations

Few weeks ago, MizUnderstood Créations did a draw lot beside the give away winners.  And, I don't know how, but I was lucky enough to win something! o_o

I liked the brain idea a lot! Kinda creepy cute feeling! But unfortunately, my ears are not pierced... (But I'll get them pierce on my 18th birthday 'kay? è_è)
Anyway, I have a idea for a new coordination but just.. I'll do it when it'll be less cold in Paris! lol
A big thanks for her, since when I saw it in pastel color I wanted to buy it.

Don't forget to visit her FB page! She also do synthetic dreads!
N'oubliez pas de visiter sa page FB! Elle fait aussi des dreads synthétiques!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dream Girl & 1000年、ずっとそばにいて…

Yesterday my friend Christelle texted me and asked me if I could hang out, I took this occasion to go to Musica  to buy SHINee's new album : Dream Girl Chapter 1. The misconceptions of you and also bought 1000年、ずっとそばにいて... since I think it's a very nice song and it's their first japanese ballad~

Dream Girl :

My favorite pic among the others!
Even if my biais is Taemin, I think that JongHyun is very handsome on this one! ;)

And so lucky I am, I got Taemin's photocard! <3

There are 9 songs :
- Spoiler
- Dream Girl 
- Hitchhiking
- Punch Drunk Love
- Girls, Girls, Girls
- Aside
- Beautiful
- Dynamite 
- Runaway

My favorites are Beautiful; Dynamite; Dream Girl; Spoiler & Hitchhiking. (My ranking, lol)


They even translated the japanese lyrics into chinese! Good job!

There are 2 songs: 1000 nen zutto soba ni itte & Kimi ga iru Sekai + instrumental versions! :)

Got pretty hard time to buy 1000年 because :

I told the boss "Do you have sen nen zutto soba ni itte?"
He looked at me like "Excuse me but?..." Then I changed my technique and told him "Do you have SHINee japanese single?" and he told me "If you're talking about FIRE, it haven't been release yet! :) " 
Me: "No, I mean, the previous one! ..."
Boss: "Oh, you mean.. The 1000 years thing? Oh yeah I got it!"

Kinda awkward moment. XD I felt like .. stupid. lol

Anyways, I'm happy of SHINee's come back, even if for me they were always there coz they also release japanese singles etc.. :) And I'm looking forward FIRE! I didn't like the pic but when I listened to it on Youtube, I felt in love with this song! Must buy!! 
Aww, I'm already broke.. *sigh*
I was pretty depressed but, I'm in such a good mood after I listened to SHINee! <3 The best in my heart!

Something else? Went to the theater with my class! Pretty nice but it started at 7pm and finish around 10:30 pm! O_O So I slept a bit pending the performance.. *run away*

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

D-7 - Biggest project for this year

Every french sophomore has to do a big big project for months, pair up, choose a thema etc.. 
Our Hippy project presentation is for wednesday 27th february and of course we have to train many times before wednesday. 
A friend told me to train friday after class, I told her I could because I have singing lesson. And she told me to skip it, saying that I should know what is more important. She tried to be compose, but I mean, I'm not dumb, I clearly saw that she was pissed off that I have activity to do etc.. 

Even thought my singing teacher is harsh with me, and God, I would love to skip it, but I chose to take it, and I can't be so weak and give up just for that reason. Because, music is super important in my life.
I know our project is super important for this year, me too I want to find some solutions and do it well!

I can't help but .. feel guilty about it. Then, I remembered that months ago, when we were still doing the project and we had to meet out of school. We agree to meet at the library, but she told me that her mom want to spend week end, small vacation weeks in family and stuff so she can't not hang out.
I told her "Well, try to ask, it's super important, 'kay?"

She never could hang out for library, we never saw her for the project except at high school. 
I'm not kissing my own ass saying that but, I did most of the project by myself because everyone had something to do, we only met twice with the others. 

I was super upset still, I told my friends I was but still, I did not order her to do something coz.. I just gave up. I think it's kinda selfish to tell me to skip something which is important for me too. It's like, it's my fault since the beginning. I might be nice most of the time but.. seriously? Don't abuse. 
She started to told the others "Right? I told her to train this friday, but this gal has something to do!.." like she was kinda, joking? but really, I'm not dumb, we're not dumb.

Hey, is it wrong to have activity? Bet if I tell her to hang out this week-end, she would tell me the same thing. I was mad since this morning, this, just made me more more mad, upset.. whatever.

(Came at school, the teacher told us that we have class for the 1st period of afternoon, I didn't took my books for the whole afternoon because I was supposed to go home because we have 2 free period. 
I had to call at home, lucky, I had money so I could have lunch. AND, my friends were laughting their ass out, like "Ahahaaha, Alice is mad, too bad for you that you can't go home." Trouble, trouble, trouble!)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

DIY ! Studed my vest!

I traded one of my beanies with some rivets, lol. I love rivets so much! I think it's studed things are very cool, kinda.. rock. I wanted to try to stud something, and I took my plain black sportswear.


No make-up face, once again. 

The pink thing is my Alpaca strap.. *sigh* Sorry, seem he wanted to be on the pic.

What do you think about it? 
Although I was the one who did that, I'm not very fond of it. It's kinda .. weird.
Voice your opinions! Then I'll think about leaving it or taking it out! >_<

Otherwise, it's super easy to do that! I never bought rivets, so i thought that i couldn't do it bare hands, but nonsense!

N.B: SHINee's Dream Girl MV was posted today. *roll like a buffalo on the floor* I think some coordinations are kinda weird, but I'm sure they did it on purpose so.. Definitely foing to buy it this week! Oh my money.. Dream Girl, Misconception of you is only the first chapter

Friday, February 15, 2013

Truth or Dare?

This tuesday was Mardi Gras, even if our high school don't "celebrate" it, my friend and I was like "Last year we couldn't because we were in vacation but this year, we'll make sure to do something!"

I sold a lot of my lolita dresses since I quit, only left 2 replicas and 2 dresses. So this was my outfit:

T-shirt: UniqloxMILK
Cardigan/Vest: Uniqlo (louge wear please..)
Skirt: Replica of DDH from Angelic Pretty
Socks: Métamorphose Temps de Fille
Shoes: Creepers from New Look
Accessories/Pins: 6% DokiDoki, Hello Kitty pins and.. forgot but it's from a creator, should go ask Sam if u wanna know, she was the one who sold/gave it to me (I don't even remember, urgh...).

Sale? What is it? I totally gave up and went to buy some things I wanted.

A bonus, lol : 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

KAO Liese Chiffon beige hair dye - Review

Before starting, WARNING: You've used Etude House Bubble? You think bubble hair dye smell well?

Ok, let's start. First I wanted to keep my hair black/dark because.. I don't know, I dyed my hair for so much time since I was a junior in middle school.. (Since.. ~2008?) But a friend brought the hair dye I wanted to buy from her since she's in Paris right now. So i was like "Ok, since she's on Paris.."

It's the color Chiffon Beige, Liese from KAO. And, it's a bubble hair dye as you can see.

Basic, the two mixtures, gloves, Treatment to rinse-off.. There is also a skin allergy test panel. 

Before the dye

After the dye~
It's super light near to the roots! But as you can see, it's not bad either in general.

 Can you see it?
Especially on my fringe!

I'll try to take others picture, I don't have natural light when i'm at home! >_<
But I think on the first pic, you can see it clearly! It's not overall, but.. It's mostly like that!

Told you guys I was gonna take others pictures right? Here you go, took it in class, with natural light!
I don't even had make-up. *sigh*
(Left, with a lot of sun, right, with less. LOL But seriously, kinda light and not bad as color right?)

Edit! Here is a pic I took in April, with the roots! You can clearly see the difference:

EDIT:  08/2013 A friend told me that  she couldn't see differences so here is a pic I took in August. 
See the differences?

So I think it's a very very very complete review. Be nice and commet ok? XD lol

 Today's coordination:

Pull over - Liz Lisa
Necklace/Rosario - Alice and the Pirates
Usakumya Scarf - BTSSB
Destroy jeans - Pull and Bear
Jacket - Pimkie

And of course: Happy New Year~ (Lunar calendar lah)
Xin nian kuai le! Ji xiang ru yi! 

Did you got some angpow? (Only got 40€ btw.. When I was younger, I was getting something near to 100€... )

What I ate this afternoon~ No, i'm really a real vegetarian
It's some fake sausages made from Soja or Idk what exactly.. Don't ask.. 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Even at night....

I'm being a real lazy ass and being very busy so I posted nothing, at least.. No photos.
So i'm taking my free time because I don't have any homework for tomorrow to show you guys what I bought last month!

(I made this from my Weibo!)
A Algonquins dress
A H&M make-up case
UNIQLO Fluffy leggings
Yellow tartan check and Dalmatian shoes from H&M
T-shirt from BANANA FISH
And, beanie from Vodoo Doll

I also bought a Banana Fish pants but it's a way too big for me, I asked the shop if I could return it, they told me that they don't accept any return.. FML
It's wrote M on the pants, when I ask 'the manager' (?) she told me it's like a S/M, more like a 38.
But it turned that it looks like a .. L size on me, i can even fit 1/3 of me between the space! 
Anyways, i'm gonna have to find a solution.

And just to show you the last pajama I wore, even my pajama is fashionable. 
The leggings is from UNIQLO, bought it .. in 2010? 
(Not sure, but i know i wore it when i was a senior in middle school, lol)

Bunch of exams this month, I even choose Extra english class pending vacation.. Totally forgot! T_T
(But it's ok, just 5 days plus, I need to improve in english!)