Wednesday, April 24, 2013

One moment please?!

Today's we took our class photo! Last year I was all grumpy on the pic, this year I want to be more cheerful. Starting with a nice outfit!

I'm wearing my favorite dress from the UniqloXMilk collaboration!
 My socks from Angelic Pretty, creepers from New Look!

Let's not forget make up! Only bb cream, lol!

It was nice! The weather was so warm and so nice and.. we were all blinded by it but.. doesn't matter...
And I saw the pic, I was too white on the pic... 
*sigh* It almost the end of this year! T_T Exams, don't come near to me!

 And i discovered Temple Run! Playing it on my brother's cell because I can't download it on mine! My best score ever, lol. I'm so lame, I know it! Care to explain it to me?
(Luhan did super duper nice score within few minutes, I don't get how to play it.. TT_TT)

(I know "what the fuck?" I don't know what I was thinking when I did this..Well, about Yumeiro Pâtisserie.)

And I my aunt bought some super cute pens for me! I love them, you know, the designed pens write better then the regular one! Trust me, I've tried a lot.. like.. A LOT. ( About 100?) 
And it end in the trash can.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Japanese junk food!

Lately I went to my favorite japanese/korean market which is Ace Market ( Rue Saint Augustin, Paris.) and saw that they're selling new things!!! I got myself some strawberry Pocky first even I remember that I hate that but actually it's quite yummy.. lol
Meiji Black chocolate which is ... so-so. It don't really have a taste.

Some Matcha Pocky!! It really taste like matcha, lol. It's so-so and very expensive.. x_x $$!
(4,80€ for 61g... Here, take my money pwease...)

And now that the whole Pizza Hut shit is over, plus most of the exam are over.
 I'm trying to eat more healthy.. My ass. OMG, all the cocktail sauce I put.. Ouch...
(I think that I did good, really.. Only didn't did 1 question but I pretty well did... Good God, give me a 11/20 pwease???? I spent so much money of buying books to revise!)

Today I'm wearing ManiaQ top, H&M stripe pants and my old pair of Converse!

N.B: And .. the whole crap happened in SiChuan again.. God, I don't think it's safe to live there especially when few years ago there were a earthquake ..  I saw we can do some donation but I can't read chinese more than few words in a sentence but.. I'll do what I can.. =_= Keep the faith! Praying for them. 

(I keep asking my family to do donation each time associations talk to me or whatever... and there're like "WTF? Have you so much money?" No I don't but  think at it. You have a home, you have a family, ok, they're total stranger but they're just like us. We're so fortunate so, why not giving at least a bit of what we have to help them?)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Drop dead clothing

Wearing my Drop Dead knit wear I received few days ago! I love it! ♥

Shirt - Offbrand
Knit Wear - Drop Dead
Short - H&M
Tights - Uniqlo
Creepers - New Look

Went to the theater with my class to see Solness le constructeur, the girl who played Hilde was like Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter, lol. All the craziness~
It was freaking good! ♥

Went I was back home, it was so dark outside! I almost missed my stop lol. It was too dark, I couldn't see if I arrived or not and I was listening to music so I couldn't hear. è_è


Everything I ate last month and this month! Urgh... Need a diet. 

Let's not forget the pizza:

Monday, April 15, 2013


The weather is nice in Paris~~ We're having some showers but it's a lot warmer!
Trade my thick coat to this:

A Longboard sleeveless jacket.

The top is from .. Cote Attitude Anglaise (something like this),
Vest - Uniqlo
Jeans - H&M
Sleeveless jacket : Longboard
Sneakers: Creeks

And remember the shoes lace I bought, I didn't knew which color I should use so at the end I mixed! 
I think unpair shoes lace is old fashioned now but I still like it! 
I don't really care if it's trendy or not, if I like it I would buy it and wear it. End of the story, lol. 

And my sneakers are not used, it's just I don't really like them, plus they're difficult to put on so that's why it ended in this state. Poor shoes.. Awww..

Last purchases, a old pair of AATP see through socks full of holes, lol. But I don't care because I can still wear them and I got some ideas! (New one are too expensive lah)
And 2 badges from Banana Fish, one of my favorite brand~ Love them ♥

 Pye pye~

N.B: TT_TT Urgh, Luhan's so perfect with his pink hair and Tao with his red hair! I want to do a new color too.. Bouh. But I don't have any time for it, I'll try hair chalk if I get to order them!

Saturday, April 13, 2013


I was supposed to buy some books to revise, but it was too expensive and.. I can have some discount if I ask my friend to buy it.. So I'll wait later.
Instead of it, I took ~15/20€ to buy some.. must have things.

Some shoes lace, 2 pairs for 2.95€ only! But.. it don't glow in the dark.. H&M, you cheat on me! è_è

Useless but so cuuute! It's a KiKi's deliver service goodie~ (Got for cheap!)

 And tha nail lacquer I was looking for! I wanted a silver nail lacquer but couldn't find a good one and this one super duper good! It dry very fast plus it's really silver!
Even if they call it "Mirror Nail Lacquer", no, you can't see your reflection, lol.

 I leaned to fold some cranes for a SHINee fan project. Back then I was really busy and only made 2 but now, got the technique and I'm folding a bunch! If you're looking for cheap origami paper, go to Muji!

The first one I folded with a flyer left at home. Yes, my economic flyer. Recycle!

This one is the smaller! It's like... 2cm. I made it with what left after I folded a big one. 8)

I hate myself for taking half an hour to do my coordination! Urgh. Wasting too much time for nothing.

Tank top (boy) from H&M (for 1€)
Denim washed jeans from H&M
Perfecto like jacket from Rosebud
Vest from Tralala (beneath the jacket)
Beanie from Zipia
Backpak from Eastpak
Badge from Banana Fish

I'm using filters a lot since my camera is dying and the light at home is kinda bad.. It sucks.
Btw, using 20€, I also bought a SD card since mine broke.. TT_TT The .. lock thingy broke so each time I put it in my computer or camera, it would tell me "The card is locked".
 I even painted it with nail lacquer so it wouln't move but it don't work, I even put tape.. Wtf. And I got made so while looking for my books, I went to buy my card.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dots & Stripes

My favourites patterns must be .. Polka dots, leopard and vertical stripes!
I wore the same shirt yesterday but I didn't want to wash it yet so I told myself "One more day!" but it's not original to wear the same thing twice. Opened my drawers and found my handmade polka dots pin!

Shirt - H&M
Polka dot bow is handmade
Denim jeans - H&M
Cardigan - Autreton (Monoprix, lol)
Glasses - Tommy Hilfiger
Creepers - New Look (not present on the pic,lol. sorry~)

I also received my Drop Dead sweatshirt, I love it~ It's not as thick as I thought but .. nevermind.
Hiding it in the closet, coz friday my mom would rip my head off because of the trimester and I wouldn't make her more mad than she'll be. 
Btw, it will be.. Sehun's birthday. WTF? 

Let's go back to the time:
2013 04 08 - EXO first anniversary -> My teacher gave mom a appointement. 
2013 04 12 - SeHun's birthday -> The day of the appointement.
2013 04 20 - LuHan's (♥) birthday -> 4h of mock test on a saturday morning. 

EXO 啊。。。 这个月你们带来很多麻烦给我。。我不知道怎么响应。。

It have been a long time~ Yum yum, I bought a whole menu but couldn't eat anymore so keep it as a snack.

If I'm dead this friday, at least I wanted to say thank you for visiting my blog... 
Pray for me, wish me good luck, whatever... 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Cheesy Day

My bff told me that she want to hang out today and I was free so I told her ok. Went to the shopping mall, arrived at 10:30 something like this.. No a store were opened, wtf?! Waited until 11am.

Had a occasion to chat with a weird guy, first randomly greeted me, so I also greeted him with a "Bonjour" then when I was chatting with a friend, he stopped his tracks and stare at us. 
I was like "WTF?" but noneless continued to talk then he told me "Can you speak in chinese? Because I don't understand what you're saying now."
I was speaking in french. 
He was speaking in french to me. 
Blablabla~ But he's wasn't mean, just a bit weird, he cheered me for my upcoming exams.

Do I have to look weird when posing? Guess yes. =_=
Tank top "Parental Advisor" - H&M
Denim shirt - Pull and Bear
Plain jeans - UNIQLO
Sneakers - CONVERSE
Bag - Co&Lu

Today's make up~ No photoshop, just a filter! (on Weibo)
(CL are Tricolor World Brown and lipstick Etude House OR205)

*^* Yummy Yummy, cheesy,crunchy~ Onomonomnom~ #Quick

Just bought theses things:

Ran out of shampoo, well still have my John Frieda but so precious so when I saw TONIGUY shampoo.. I'll tell you if it"s nice to use! lol
Blusher Brush because mine is dying and some notebooks from Muji because I lines and hate tiles.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Blue & Red

Since I  knew Marc Jacobs would design Diet Coke bottles, I ran to buy them!
Lucky, there were the three design! ♥

I think my favorite must be the first one! keke

Today's outfit:

(Sorry, my cousin who's 7 years old took it for me. XD But she still did a great job!)

Washed demin shirt from Pull&Bear
Skinny jeans from Stradivarius
Cardigan from Autreton
Spikes bracelet from New Look

Changed my wallpaper before going back to class! 
Alice and the Pirates print (it's a screen shot I took long ago) & Luhan ♥

He look flawless and he's so handsome/cute/pretty/or whatever you want~
Ok, it have been photoshoped by idon'tknowwho, but still, he's flawless! è_è

And nail art inspi Daisy by Marc Jacobs!

Main colors for today is Blue & Red! ;)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Princess Mimi Grey - WMM-305 - Review!

I love Bambi brown CL and few months ago I bought them in Grey, I never had grey CL and I wanted to try. Like usual, bought them from Mem's shop!

I took these pic 3 months ago but I hadn't enough time to post it! 
Without lenses.

With CL ! 

Some new pictures I took few days ago.

(WTF with my eyelids! I hate it when they're falling.. Fuuuuu-
I look fugly but you kinda can see the CL clearly so.. 
No seriously, I hate this pic.. URGH.)

What you need to know:

Power Range: 0.00~-8.00
Diameter: 15.0mm
Base Curve Radius: 8.60mm
Water Content: 38~42%

I don't love them so much compared to the Bambi brown, I would buy buy bambi brown again but not these. And it seem that my eyes can barely bear big diameter CL now so I rarely wear them if it's not never..
If you like big diameter then these are perfect, after I tried AMIAYA's style CL, I prefer small diameter because it looks more natural and it's more easy to put it or take it out. 

If you never try CL before, and it's the first time you're gonna buy it. Well, I  think that you should try small diameter first, like 14mm. Because the first time I tried... 14mm, had no experiences with them, I was crying non-stop like "OMFG, it hurt so much, I loosing my eyes!" LOL.
 Just saying, do whatever you want. Teenagers nowadays don't listen what we're telling them anyways, lol. I'm the same. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Full repair, deep conditioner - John Frieda - Review!

I have dyed my hair for 3 years, well like 2-3 times per year because I'm lazy. But since I dyed my hair with Liese hair dye, my hair became dry and brittle. o_o
It's weird because I dyed my hair twice with Etude House Bubble hair dye and my hair were fine!
I cut like 4-5 cm few months ago and my hair were healthy, so I guess it was because of Liese hair dye?

Anyways, that's not the point!

I want to keep them long so I looked for a conditioner, I love John Frieda's shampoo and they're good so I told myself "Maybe the conditioners are good too!" So I bought this:

Acutally, even though my hair are long, there's enough to use it twice! (I'm kiam so I even used it 3!)

Before the treatment:

 After the treatment, first use:
(Sorry, this is my pj.. And, I didn't brush my hair!)

After the treatment, 3rd use:
(Haven't brush my hair too... )

They look nicer, right?
They're so nice, so smooth just like silk and.. *blabla* This treatment is super nice~ (y)
I think if you're too lazy to make a lot of treatment, this is a good solution! And it's not expensive, I bought it for 1,95€/packet. If you want to make the treatment quick, I think... twice/week is good. :) 
But you can just try and you'll see by yourself. ^^ 

It have been a long time I didn't did my nails~ I'm in fond of daisy these days!
I did it quickly so I did for this post, still have a lot of homework to do! TT_TT