Friday, June 28, 2013

Hello my 2013 holidays!

Things are all settled, so I went to shop a little with my bff Françoise. 
I haven't bought much because I didn't have a lot of money left and I wanted to keep some, lol.

First, we bought our tickets for Japan Expo! I'll be present thursday and sunday in my Rin Kagamine cosplay! (Not sure I'll keep it for 2 days if I need to wash it.. lol)

Then this is what I bought with my remain money, not much, haha. There were too much people and I was like "We're surrounded! I give up!"

Adn while people are struggling for sales, I peacefully received my packages.
Which contain, a camera battery (to replace my old one which is going to explode), a Benefit cream and.. a package from my friend from Philippines! :D
(Actually I was surprised but then I remebered that she told me she sent something, lol, I'm quite forgetful)

And you, what did you bought? :) Did you went to shop?

On a next post I'm gonna review theses EOS lenses! They're for my cosplay of Rin Kagamine, I decied to changed the type since it was a bit weird with the last ones.

Which was these one!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It's o-o-over

Yesterday I passed my last exam and I'm officially in vacation!! *throw confetti* So I rushed to watch Shingeki no Kyojin, which is quite popular lately! And honnestly.. I love it! Except it can be.. bloody sometimes... aherm..
(But if the chicken I am can watch it, you have no reason to not watch it, lol)

And I also got something... make up things from Pretty and Cute !
It took a bit longer than it said. ;_; (Got them after... >20 days but it was written between 10-15 days)

I always wanted to buy Eyemazing lashes but couldn't find any, I bought these one because I quite like Ayumi Seto, lol. But actually, IRL they're quite.. dramatic so be sure before you buy it! 
I don't know if they looks very long or not for you on the pictures but actually they're very long! 
And because they don't really looks natural, it's really easy to notice it etc.. !

And for the glue, well.. I don't think it glue well, I'm a bit deceived but not surprised. I bought one I can double my eyelieds even more than usual for my cosplay but hell, it don't even last 1 hour, how can I use it for my cosplay? =_='
But it glue eyelash quite well! 
If you really want nice glue, I think you should go to MAC or Sephora, I have bought they eyelash and waw, they glue were amazing! I lost mine though!

Plus, the bff came at my home because she has too much free time, lol. Then she had to go home at 1pm but I was sure it was our package (because we bought together) but the caretaker wasn't opening before 2pm and .. at the end she went home at 4pm. lol

Friday, June 7, 2013

That's a awesome day!

First, few days ago I got 2 of my packages! I know I'm buying too much things.. But I can't help, this time most of them are for my bff or my cosplay.

My awesome first bomber jacket! Bought from a US girl!
I wanted my aomoji style jacket, I mailed the store and they told me that the mint one was sold out and I didn't wanted the other color.. T_T
But I love this one a lot, it looks good with all kind of coordinations! :D Happy ending!

=> Biggest danger ever to get my package Alice kamiya...

And I also got my pair of socks from RTBU for my cosplay of Doll (Kuroshitsuji) I'm still waiting for the white pair from another seller so I'll have the bottom of my cosplay!

But actually it's neither the weather nor my packages whom are the real source of my happiness.
I got 2 grades which are over 10 (rated on 20)!! I got 10 for a History dissertation & 11,5 for my Sciences Economics Social test. It may sounds.. stupid? But for me it's really a big deal. 
1/2 or maybe 3/4 students of my class usually don't have over 10/20! We all have 8/20 something like this from the begin of the year! It made me soooo happy.  Especially when I saw that the teacher wrote 9/20 with a pencil but turn it into a 10/20 with a red pen.
And for my 11,5.. I studied hard. I was lacking of time or I would have 13 or even 14, but still, I'm very satisfied with it! :D
I was sulking and depressing because of my freakin 7/20 but now I'm super fine, lol.
Beside school, I also improved in singing. 

Hit the jackpot of happiness! 

'Cute and Sweet' tank top - H&M
Faux leather shorts - H&M
Spider ring - MarpleQ (Not sure though..)
'Crazy' message bracelet - handmade

Did some of you guys saw this pic of Tumblr? It's mine lol. 
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(I know it's crappy, I know)