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New purchases + Etude's OR205 review!

I went to pick my glasses last week end~ Trade my RayBan frame into Tommy Hilfiger's. 
Bigger than before, lol. But I like big frame because it's comfortable to wear. I wanted round glasses since 2 years but I tried it and the frame is a bit small, and it would be.. 'too much' to wear it in dailylife. T_T

It's brown and purple on the side even if we can't see it very well.

I was wearing my deer necklace <3 Lub it very much!

 Bought a lipstick from the collection Dear My from Etude House, tbh i didn't wanted to buy a lipstick because i rarely would use one but it was immediatly available (Mem's shop again, on FB!)  I was like "Why not.." I wanted a orange lipwear for so long! The packaging is so cute!

(No, i didn't took it because it was Taemin's color, I swear! è_è)

Without any lipwear

With OR205

I like the color a lot because it's not too orange, it's almost natural! *clap clap*
But the texture is different from an usual lips…