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Even at night....

I'm being a real lazy ass and being very busy so I posted nothing, at least.. No photos.
So i'm taking my free time because I don't have any homework for tomorrow to show you guys what I bought last month!

(I made this from my Weibo!) A Algonquins dress A H&M make-up case UNIQLO Fluffy leggings Yellow tartan check and Dalmatian shoes from H&M T-shirt from BANANA FISH And, beanie from Vodoo Doll
I also bought a Banana Fish pants but it's a way too big for me, I asked the shop if I could return it, they told me that they don't accept any return.. FML It's wrote M on the pants, when I ask 'the manager' (?) she told me it's like a S/M, more like a 38. But it turned that it looks like a .. L size on me, i can even fit 1/3 of me between the space!  Anyways, i'm gonna have to find a solution.

And just to show you the last pajama I wore, even my pajama is fashionable.  The leggings is from UNIQLO, bought it .. in 2010?  (Not sure, but i know i wor…