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D-7 - Biggest project for this year

Every french sophomore has to do a big big project for months, pair up, choose a thema etc..  [...] Our Hippy project presentation is for wednesday 27th february and of course we have to train many times before wednesday.  A friend told me to train friday after class, I told her I could because I have singing lesson. And she told me to skip it, saying that I should know what is more important. She tried to be compose, but I mean, I'm not dumb, I clearly saw that she was pissed off that I have activity to do etc.. 
Even thought my singing teacher is harsh with me, and God, I would love to skip it, but I chose to take it, and I can't be so weak and give up just for that reason. Because, music is super important in my life. I know our project is super important for this year, me too I want to find some solutions and do it well!
I can't help but .. feel guilty about it. Then, I remembered that months ago, when we were still doing the project and we had to meet out of school. W…