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Maybe it's the fate...

So, our team passed our oral exam wednesday, and thursday I got a small package from my pal from Philippines. I lmao when I opened because, our project was dealing with Hippies, and I got 2 colorful bracelets just a day later. Too bad I didn't got them a day earlier, but.. deal with it.

Everything is cute~ Especially Jaira's handwirting~ o_o  I can't help but praise, because it's super well wrote, like on computer. (Very similar to Futura LT)
I wearing them everyday~~ kekeke
Anyways, I'M IN VACATION FOR 2 WEEKS, OH YEAH.  BUT, those.. mean teacher gave us a bunch of homework, true story. I feel like I never had this much, because there are a lot of tests too because we missed it for our project sake.  Now we have to catch on etc.. TT_TT Crying or not?!

If you want to see our outfit, I looked like this for our exam:

And I changed into this for the conference: