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Cheesy Day

My bff told me that she want to hang out today and I was free so I told her ok. Went to the shopping mall, arrived at 10:30 something like this.. No a store were opened, wtf?! Waited until 11am.
Had a occasion to chat with a weird guy, first randomly greeted me, so I also greeted him with a "Bonjour" then when I was chatting with a friend, he stopped his tracks and stare at us.  I was like "WTF?" but noneless continued to talk then he told me "Can you speak in chinese? Because I don't understand what you're saying now." I was speaking in french.  He was speaking in french to me.  WHAT PART YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND? o_o  Blablabla~ But he's wasn't mean, just a bit weird, he cheered me for my upcoming exams.
Do I have to look weird when posing? Guess yes. =_= Tank top "Parental Advisor" - H&M Denim shirt - Pull and Bear Plain jeans - UNIQLO Sneakers - CONVERSE Bag - Co&Lu
Today's make up~ No photoshop, just a filter! (…