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The weather is nice in Paris~~ We're having some showers but it's a lot warmer! Trade my thick coat to this:
A Longboard sleeveless jacket.

The top is from .. Cote Attitude Anglaise (something like this), Vest - Uniqlo Jeans - H&M Sleeveless jacket : Longboard Sneakers: Creeks

And remember the shoes lace I bought, I didn't knew which color I should use so at the end I mixed!  I think unpair shoes lace is old fashioned now but I still like it!  I don't really care if it's trendy or not, if I like it I would buy it and wear it. End of the story, lol. 
And my sneakers are not used, it's just I don't really like them, plus they're difficult to put on so that's why it ended in this state. Poor shoes.. Awww..

Last purchases, a old pair of AATP see through socks full of holes, lol. But I don't care because I can still wear them and I got some ideas! (New one are too expensive lah) And 2 badges from Banana Fish, one of my favorite brand~ Love them …