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Like a tourist - May 1st

One of my favorite place is Le pont des Arts, because .. Idk, it's quite, there's barely people during morning.

Top - Banana Fish Maxi dress - off brand second hand Sneakers - Converse Bag - Cosmopolitan

We went to OpĂ©ra, and they were holding some.. event?  Then we went to eat our brunch then our meal. lol 

The best friend is having a punk pose and I was like "What are you doing? =_= ' " She was like "I'm not going to sit there.."  Whatever...

Took a photo for a couple and they asked us if we also wanted a pic, of course we didn't declined!

Before going to Montmatre, I saw Maison Larnicol, a very affordable chocolaterie, I was determined to buy some macarons for the bff when foing down coz she never ate some.  Even if I have no much money left. haha But actually, she was taking a lot of chocolate and I was like "Slow down, it gonna be expensive...." ; she told me "It's ok, we're gonna share them." then continue to t…