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Saw that L'avant Gardiste open a store for 2 months in Paris, rushed to buy some things. 

Bought my first bottle of Crazy Color in Platinum. New nail art~
" ありがとう " 3D rubber! Isn't it cute, is it? Bought it for a classmates/friend, she told me once she's collecting rubber, one more for her collection! (Actually I removed the price and it's all sticky, lol)

Tank top - UniqloxVena Cava Short - Caroll (an old old one) Cap - Offbrand? (japanese brand or whatever)

It's still May 6th in France so.. Happy Birthday to our Baekhyun (EXO) ! I hope you had a nice day!  I already know you got nice presents, lol. (Especially a massage chair or something like that, wtf. Do them even have enough place for all those things? o_o I was joking and said "It's not like in Harry Potter, you can stock a lot of thing in a small place"
Yes, I'm a Potterhead. Btw, Slytherins are in last place.. TT_TT I'm a shit in Potion so I can't help. Lost all the pri…