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"Love You"

Previously bought the Crazy Color dye but lack in bleach and guess what? Went to the mall and saw a pack of bleach~~ Overflow of hapiness. LOL  (Actually I saw in another supermarket "30€ for a pack" and I was like "WTF? A bow is 10-11€ worth, why people whould buy a pack for 30€ if they can have it for 20-22€? Logic? None.")
I'll wait to do all the things, upcoming exams and maybe they'll gimme a bad mark because they don't like my appearance.

Today's outfit~ Nothing to say, except I felt asleep few min ago and have a short weird dream, and wake up. Almost fall down.. Uhm.. Ok... lol
Top - Offbrand Shorts - CAROLL  Sneakers - CONVERSE Ring - fan goodies lol ( EXO-M - FROM EXO PLANET)