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Baby silky foot mask sheet - Holika Holika - Review

After I 'struggled' to get my package because it was return to Korea due to "Uncompleted adress".. tadam~ (Also got myself a eyebrow pencil but forgot to put it in the pic)

For now I'm just gonna to review the mask sheet for foot! Somehow I lost some pictures so.. TT_TT Forgive me!
When you opened it, it looks like this: (See how big is it!)

My very dried foot~ Just a small peak because they aren't pretty. XD lol

Wear them like this for something like ~30min  (it's written in the package but I forgot, but it doesn't really matter.. I mean.. You're moisturizing! lol) It's just filled with some kind of lotion.

And here I lost the "after" picture.. TT_TT BUT I have the picture of a day after~~ 
(Looks the same but no, it's not the same picture! Trust me! è_è)

So what I can say is.... It doesn't work! Sadly... Well, rather than saying it doesn't work; actually it does.. But for one day only! The day after effects will disapear…