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DIY : How to make a 'medical' eyepatch

So one of my friend did a request: Do a medical type eyepatch, coz he thrown his old one.
(and now need one for cosplay) Accepted the challenge even though I never try to make one, always thought that you just need few clicks on the web and buy it. 

So all you need is:
● Gauze ● Plaster? (or how do you call it?)

Double the gauze and cut to the size you want. Then place it down on the plaster and approximately cut the plaster for the double of your piece of gauze. (Obviously..) 

Then.. TRAP THE GAUZE INTO IT! lol Make sure to leave some place around it! (~1cm) Then cut the excess!

Then of course you need to place it on your eye so cut some elastic band, make 4 holes and.. well..
So before you'll say it's weird, I let some space but the eyepatch looks different, it's normal because: The eyepatch were a bit too big with the excess, I didn't want to make a new one so I decided to cut down all the excess and make it like her old one, which exactly looks the same. LOL FAILE…