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After sale haul !

Even though it was the sale I didn't bought much because I was still very busy with school and most of the things on sale were quite.. ugly. Unfortunately...  But, don't worry, I still have bought things before, after and order on the net! 8D

I bought two pairs of shoes pending the sale, a pair of dark brown low boots and a pair of high heels. Both are from New Look. 

 Odered a pair of shoes from the net! A bit too large for me so I also order a pair of insoles. lol

A very elegant shirt from Anecdote! I love it so much but still don't know how to wear it...  But it will be perfect for kodona or lolita! :D

I bought this pull over a month ago, it's from JSG! It's really thick but not so warm but I still love it!

And also ordered a liquid eyeliner because I need one! A sailor moon one! It was very expensive... I thought about selling it again but still kept that because it's.. so cute.

And, and, and, keeping the best for the end.. I bought the photo card set from…