Friday, December 23, 2016

One day of December

I haven't post my outfit for a while, have I? Actually I do post them but on my Instagram.

My outfit for the day includes:
Sweater - K for Kookai
Jeans - Pull and Bear
Coat - Claudie Pierlot
Beret - Wego 
Bag - Love Moschino

We are reaching the end of December but I have two main goals:
work out and watch a lot of movies. haha

I am trying to go to the gym as much as possible since... I do pay for that... but also because I put on some weight and I would be happy if I can loose it, really.. 
As for the movies, there are so much movies that seem so cool and that I must watch! I have already seen Moana, I was a bit disappointed to be honest.. It wasn't as exciting as I thought it would be although I did shed two tears for the touching parts... 
I went to watch Rogue One: A Star Wars story with a friend today, it was cool, it literally goes like boom boom boom boom (no, I'm not trying to quote Seventeen's lyrics..). It was kinda moving but the movie just went as we expected, unfortunately.

As for the remain movies I want to see for this month: Ballerina; Collateral Beauty; Passengers.

And you, which movies do you want to see? :)

Oh, giving you a small peek of what I received today: SULLEY, SULLEY EVERYWHERE!

Monster Inc & Monster University are probably my favorite Disney movies! I already own a Mike watch that I loved, I tried to replace the battery and I couldn't close the back of the watch. :(  I do have other wristwatches but I couldn't say no to a Sulley watch to go along with Mike! :D And I also already have mismatched Mike/Sulley socks from Disney but those were so cheap so.. I couldn't say no either, haha.
I think there's one thing that made the end of 2016 better, and it's that my Sulley & Mike collection is BIGGER than EVER!! ;) Korean cosmetic brand The Face Shop also made a BB cushion with mike on it and there also lauched new masks earlier this month!

My post for today's ends here. Enjoy the holidays! 

[ETUDE HOUSE] Lucky Red Little Nut palette - Review

Etude House did a new collection called My Little Nut and I absolutely love the colors! I was waiting for them to do a new Fantastic Color Eyes palette and here we are! 
(Last time I bought one it was back in 2014, it was a Halloween collection. I still have it & I am using it well!)

There is two palettes: Lucky Red Little Nut & Wish Blue Little Nut
I absolutely don't use blue tone color so I only bought the red tone version. 

Here are the swatches:

Toffee Latte is warm beige color so unfortunately it is not really visible. 
I absolutely love this palette and I cannot be happier. ♥ 
I wanted a shimmer warm brown eyeshow and I litteraly hunting for 'Heat' single eyeshadow from NYX but it was always sold out at their stores! I am so glad that Etude House made that Hey Good Nut. TT_TT Bless you Etude! 

I tried to wipe them off and obviously the darker colors are haging there better than the lighter colors. 

I usually wear nude colors but I tried using pink/red eyeshadows and I love it! They blend in as much as nude eyeshadow if you know how to match the right colors.

Here I used: Candy Fairy, Nut Cracker and Red Brick 
+ Jewel-light eyeliner 08 from Holika Holika for the inner coner of the eyes.
This one is quite red though haha.

Here I used:  Toffee latte, Candy Fairy & Hey Good Nut.

The eyeshadows are quite pigmented and the price is reasonnable, ~$12-13 for 6 colors.
I bought mine from Seoul Lindarium on Ebay. 
The collection is also available on Etude House official website, Jolse or Cosmetic Love. :)

Hope you find that review useful!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Kylie Cosmetics - GINGER lipstick - Review [ENG/FR]

At first when Kylie launched her brand I wasn't very interested, I thought it was a bit pricey and at first there was not a lot of review. Then I saw a lot of people being interested and say a lot of good things about it so I thought.. why not?

Au début quand Kylie a lancé sa marque je n'étais pas trop intéressée car je trouvais ça un peu cher et il y avait très peu d'avis là dessus. Puis j'ai vu beaucoup de personnes intéressées et qui ne disaient que des bonnes choses à propos de ça et donc je me suis dis.. pourquoi pas?

In order to just test it, I only picked a single matte: Ginger. 
A kind of .. dust pink color with a hint of orange/brown?

J'ai juste pris qu'une seule couleur pour tester: Ginger.
C'est un.. vieux rose avec un peu d'orange/marron?

This is when I went out around 2 pm.

Ça, c'est quand je suis sortie vers 14h.

And this, is when I came back home around ~5pm.
During that time, I ate a croissant and drank tea.
(and did my eyeliner, lol)

Et ça, c'est quand je suis rentrée vers ~17h.
Pendant ce temps là, j'ai mangé un croissant et bu du thé.
(et fais mon trait d'eyeliner, lol)

As you can see, the lipstick is still flawless!

Comme vous pouvez le voir, le rouge à lèvre est toujours intact!

This is actually the second day of testing. On the first day, I wore it from ~10am to ~5-6pm.
In that meantime, I went to HD diner, had a big fat meal (burger and fries), draw soda, tea. 
As you know, make up and hardly resist to oily things even if they are waterproof. To my surprise, after my meal, ~70% of my lipstick was still there! 
(Needless to say, of I wiped my lips so there was no way 100% of it were going to stay.)

En réalité, c'est mon deuxième jour de teste. Le premier jour, j'ai porté ça de ~10h à ~5-6h.
Pendant ce temps, je suis allée au HD diner, j'ai eu un gros repas bien gras (burger et frittes), 
bu du soda, thé. 
Et comme vous le savez, le maquillage a du mal à résister au gras même lorsqu'il est waterproof.
A ma grande surprise, après mon repas, ~70% de mon rouge à lèvre était encore là!
(Il en va sans dire que j'ai essuyé ma bouge et donc 100% du truc n'allait pas rester.)

Proof pic here: 

Photo preuve:

If you want me to compare it, I actually own a Too Faced Melted matte.
(I precise the color because I heard that it might vary a little depending on the color.)

Si vous voulez une comparaison, j'ai en fait un Melted matte de Too Faced.
(Je précise les couleurs car j'ai entendu dire que ça peut varier un peu selon les couleurs)

Kylie Cosmetics (Ginger) : Stay easily for 6-7hrs, resist very well to water, and quite well to fat too.
Doesn't makes you lips dry, you can put another swatch and the color wouldn't vary too much.
Price (single matte) : $17

Too Faced Melted matte (Evil Twin) : Stay for 6-7hrs if you don't eat. If you eat: ~2-3hrs.
Resist to water but definitely doesn't resis to fat. Makes you lips a bit dry, if you put another swatch the color turns darker...
Price: $21

Kylie Cosmetics (Ginger): Tient facilement 6-7h, résiste très bien à l'eau, pas mal au gras aussi.
N'assèche pas les lèvres, la couleur ne change pas trop si vous remettez une couche dessus.
Prix (pour un single matte): 17$

Too Faced Melted matte (Evil Twin): Tient 6-7h si vous ne mangez pas. Si vous mangez ~2-3h.
Résiste à l'eau mais ne résiste définitivement pas au gras. Rend les lèvres un peu sèches, si vous rajoutez une couche, la couleur devient plus sombre...
Prix: 21$ 

Kylie's lipsticks have definitely conquered me! I absolutely love the colors and the quality!
Unfortunately, it's very pricey for me as I have to pay 20% of taxes as I live in France and the extra 12€ of presentation fees (for the dude to show up with my package).
But I don't regret it!

Les rouges à lèvres de Kylie m'ont définitivement conquise! J'adore absolument les couleurs et la qualité! Malheureusement, ça me revient très cher car il faut ajouter les 20% de taxes en France et les 12€ de frais de présentation (lorsque le mec vous ramène votre colis).
Mais je ne regrette pas!

Friday, November 4, 2016

TOO FACED Grande Hotel Café: Eggnog Latte - Review + Swatches

Grande Hotel Café finally came out two days ago in France at Sephora and..
I've been waiting for this forever! So I went out and bought it today!! :D 
But to be honest, I already own a lot of make up and especially brown-ish tones so with a friend we decided to split it and I only took the Eggnog Latte palette.

The packaging is so cute and it smells heavenly! 
I've never had eggnog but to me it smells like Pumpkin Spice Latte, haha.

Here are some swatches:

I am a bit disappointed at Frosty Nog and Eggnog Latte, the eye shadows aren't very pigmented and I actually swatched it many times so it could be visible.. :(

On the other hand, I am absolutely in love with Iced Coffee, Cold Brew and Central Perk!
Especially Cold Brew, it looks like gold on the palette but as you can see it's brown with gold sparkles, the color is so rich!

The blush is all good. :D
Very cute peach color, I already own a similar color though.

I'm buying so much make up lately, aish, But I'm looking their palette in colaboration with KatVonD that will be sold in December!! Hopefully we will get that at the same time too.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

[ETUDE HOUSE] Dear My Blooming Lips-talk - RD306 - Review

Burgundy red is a very trendy color nowadays, I wanted to give it a try too. 
I've chose RD306 from Etude House's Lips-talk collection, which is a matte lipstick, instead of creamy like most of their lipsticks.

 The packaging is cute as always.

This is 2 swatchs.

Despite the fact that it looks very burgundy and deep red on the packaging it's not that dark in real life. I must be honest that I was a little disappointed but I really love the matte texture.

I also got myself  Evil Twin from Too Faced which is a very deep maroon color almost black and I found a very new combination mixing both of them.
I'd dab a bit of Evil Twin on my lips first and then a layer of RD306: tadam

This collection has some really nice and trendy color like rose beige, coral red etc. (I already have too much lipsticks or else I would have definitely got myself the PK025 or BE109) 
I'd say it's a good average matte lipstick. I got mine from Jolse for about $10.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Mind if I slither in?..

Yup, I am also a fan on Harry Potter. 
Lately I purchased the whole coffret of Harry Potter books, 
I think that's a great ocasion to present to you my outfit inspired from my house. 
If I was at Hogwarts I believe I would definitly belong to Slytherin. 
Well, at least on Pottermore, I am a Slytherin.

If some people dislike Slytherin, I like that house.
Slytherins are described as cunning, ambitious, born winner that would anything to achieve their goals. In short, they are pretty cool. But well... haters gonna hate.
Plus..Merlin was also a Slytherin.

(yes, proud Slytherin I am, my laptop is also branded my house's logo)

I did an outfit that is rather cosy and casual (to stay at home) that fits the house's color: 
green and grey/silver.
Might be great to go out like this in summer but nowadays it's too cold for that, haha.

My inner otaku love derived products from my favorites animes, movies and such.
For people who are like me,  I lately discovered Loot Crate which offer you a monthly box subscription box with all sort of derived merch!
But you can have various type of boxes, for your pets, anime based box or also the Loot for her box which offer apparels/accessories inspired from movies etc. 
(tbh, the good part is that it's free of shipping fees..!)

 I am always very curious about my Hogwarts mates' house, if you were at Hogwarts, 
which house do you think you belong to? :)

Thursday, October 6, 2016

MONSTA X "All In" Wonho inspired make up

Since MONSTA X made their come back with "All In", I must admit, I have a slight obsession with them. I really like the music, the outfits.. Just.. a lot overall. haha

I was especially inspired by Wonho's make up, it's kind of the typical boy idols make up: 
simple & not too heavy eye make up but on fleek. 

The real point there are the lenses though.
I'm wearing EOS New Adult Grey bought on Uniqso.

(I am going to be honnest, I have been wearing the same eye make for .. 3-4 months.
I am a sucker for pink-ish eye shadows, simple and quick make up are just great when you are too lazy)

If you are insterested, I made a quick tutorial on my Youtube channel: here

To Monbebe and people who just enjoy listening to Monsta X music, did you saw their new MV 'Fighter'? I kinda like the song but I find the MV .. a bit hard to understand and some scenes hilarious. 

edit: I saw the comeback stage, I laughed at the sight of Wonho's cropped top. The 'joke' about him showing the same abs 24/7 is more and more accurate. lol

Saturday, September 24, 2016

[PHOTOS #1] - Spring

To share a small part of my everyday life. :)
Maybe there's 'Summer' & 'Autumn' coming up if I get nice photos.

(taken with OPPO R7)

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

MISSHA - Long Wear Cream hair coloring [10N SAND BROWN] - Review (on colored hair)

I had red hair that I previously dyed back into black but the color was wearing off, so you could see red-ish and blonde-ish hair. I decided to make it even by doing a new coloration.

I picked Sand Brown color by MISSHA, a brown color that could go ash depending of your hair color. To be honest, this is part of my hair project, I want to lighten my hair color little by little then bleach it. We all know that it's hard to bleach black hair, so maybe this process would make it easier.
I saw few people do that, I'll try it and let you know later if it worked! :) Stay tuned!

Included in the box a hair coloring brush, the plastic thing to be use as a container to pour the hair coloring cream. Thoughtful and easy.  I like it. 
As usual there is of course a pair of gloves and a plastic sheet to cover yourself.

I like how Korean and Japanese do that, you know, giving you the full set. 
(cuz French don't do that, they just throw a pair of gloves and I know that my friends and I used to look for a bag, cut a hole to use that as protection sheet to cover ourself...)

Before the coloration:

After the coloration:

As you can see... we can still see the color beneath that coloration, it doesn't make a perfect cover for colored hair...

But I got a pretty and even color for my roots!

Here is a picture with natural light: 
(few weeks later)


Pros:  - Last forever (like any asian hair color, LOL, magic)
Doesn't smell bad
- Doesn't damage your hair
- Work very well on dark virgin hair

Cons: - Do not really cover well colored hair
- The cream is a bit hard to apply, being very.. thick

Even though the coverage is not really perfect, I really like using korena hair coloring because it doesn't damage your hair, and the product doesn't smell like dead rat (because, trust me, I've tried products that make your eyes sting, cry and smelling like dead rat... very unpleasant).
Plus the price is about the save than what I would find in my supermarket, so for the quality, it's worth it! (at least in my opinion.
I got mine on Jolse for about $10 with free shipping. :)

I hope that review was useful to you!
Leave a comment if you ever have any question to ask!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

#2 Mwave order (GOT7 FLY) - Review

It has been 2 years since my last order on Mwave! 
This time GOT7 was holding a Meet&Greet for their 5th mini album FLY LOG DEPARTURE.
I really love their track FLY so I ordered it. :)

This time I was lucky enough to be selected to receive a special photocard. :) 
Mine is Junior's photocard.

Apparently I got Jackson's sign, I feel like I'm reading my doctor's writing so I am in no position to say anything about who's signature it is because I have no idea. :')) haha

Since 2014, Mwave Shop has evolved a lot! Few things I noticed:
In 2014:
- Free shipping for orders above $35
- Tracking number for $3
- Very long shipping delay (3 months)
- Shop offer non-meet&greet products

In 2016:
- Free shipping for orders abour $50
- All shipping methods include tracking number ($7-8)
- Quick shipping delay (2 weeks)
- No more non-meet&greet products

Honestly, I find the prices has gone up quite a lot in the meantime of 2 years. 
One album is about $20 so you must buy at least 3 albums to get the free shipping.
(There's some albums which are more expensive but if you try, you'd see that it would not really match up $50, it will always go to $60 or $70)

One great thing: The shipping delay has improved considerabily!
Before you had to wait at least 2-3 months before receiving your order but this time I received my order in 2 weeks! It was shipped on June 3rd and I received it on June 14th.
(Although the shipping prices have gone up..)

I'd say I would rather wait 3 months than paying that much shipping fees.
I spent of $28-29 on this album! \O_O/

If you want to do more comparaisons yourself, you can look up for my first review of Mwave shop here.

Beside Mwave shop's review, few photos of the mini album itself! :3

Bambam & JB's boarding ticket.

Jackson's card, yay. ♥
I love this boy! He is so funny. My mom also loves him even though she knows nothing about GOT7, she keep calling him "the kid from HK" because she can't remember his name, lol.

To end this review, if back then the delay was a big turn-off. Now it's the shipping fees that are being a big turn-off. 
I mean, really. I paid about the double of the original price only because of an autograph.
Did you know that if they forget to sign your album they would only refund you $3? I think it would be extremly rare but that would be so unworthy because you still paid more than you should after getting back $3. 
That really make me think twice before buying...

But if you really want it, why not?

I hope that review was useful somehow! :)

Saturday, June 4, 2016

#1 KCON in Paris

As a lot of people know, there was the first KCON in France, most precisely, in Paris.
F(x), SHINee, BTS, Block B, FT Island and I.O.I were the main guests plus LeeTeuk as the MC.

Well, I'm also one of those fans who went to the concert. I arrived a bit before 9 am with two friends and the queue for the con as well as for the concert were already VERY VERY long.
There were probably already ~2500-3000 people queueing in each queue.

Concerning the con:
those who were there all know and were very disappointed and it's totally undertsandable. At first, they kept writing all over the net that they would accept 500 people in each session and if there's people coming out, they would let some people go inside.
That's not what happened.
What happened is that they opened at 10 am and only let 450 people get in, letting the rest of us queue until.... around 11:30/12:00 maybe, the queue got short.. nobody was too suspiscious because .. I mean, God, we were so happy that we moved a bit!
Then some members of the staff came to explain that "We have a bad news for you guys. You may not be able to get inside from this part of the queue." We were like "wtf? why?"
Why? Well, in short, they were telling us that the second session that was supposed to start at 1 pm already have started apparently! That the machine is counting 450 people, and would block anyone else. So at the end, there were no "rolling queue" at all.
Fed up, some girls I met and I left the queue to pick up fandom banners and such for the concert.
From the entrance, we could clearly see that there were probably 800 people in front of where we were so we completly gave up the con.

I saw people getting out of the con, but they did not let anyone get inside, so there were indeed, no rolling queue as they stated on the net. I later, also texted a friend who were there since 8 am and he said that he wasn't able to get inside as well.

The convention? FLOP. Well, at least for the organisation, I don't know if it was dope inside, but besides the meet&greet, apparently, it wasn't that great. 
Next time, please choose somewhere bigger than that...
I mean, you sold over 15000 tickets and you only allowing 900 people for the con? Are you kidding us?  It's not even smth like 7000-8000, no, 900/15 000 people, this is barely 6% of us.
We froze our butts for nothing, they could have come and say that earlier...

Concerning the concert:
I was really surprised that it started at 8 pm sharp! :o
It was kinda incredible to see that so much people came from all over Europe (or even, the world) to attend this first KCON in Paris!
The concert started with a short presentation from LeeTeuk, the project France-Korea for this 130th anniversary named Ari Rendez-vous (Beautiful rendez-vous) then an opening song leaded by BTS followed by the other artists.

I mainly was there for BTS and SHINee but every group was mesmerizing. I really loved Block B.
I also got nostalgic with FT Island, even though I don't listen to them anymore, I thought that Lee Hongki's energy was really something! SHINee (Key), mentioned that he would like to hold a concert in Paris and I got a feel that Shawol are going to be blessed in a very near future! :D Please, do come!

I might sound biaised, but, I am really not lying, when BTS came up, almost all of us stood up, and the cheers/screams were the loudest. u_u (Innuendo: Please, do a world tour, come to Europe, come to France, look at all those fans you got here! I mean, how could you not do a concert here?)

Even though all of them look so small on my picture, my view wasn't bad for a cat 4 ticket, I was just 2 rows behind the cat2. There were free seats in other category and the staff did allow people to change seats and stuff and I was SO tempted to go over cat2 (and I'm sure I could) but I didn't want to be dishonest as I own a cat4 ticket.

Overall, I think that everyone behaved very well during the whole event. I've met some lovely girls in the queue and they all happen to all be BTS fans, lol. One of them even came from Romania for this Kcon! O_O Unfortunately, I didn't saw them again during and after the event.
I left reaaaaally quickly after the concert, which ended at 11:15pm, because my mom was calling me various time but I couldn't answer during the concert, I tried by making her listen to the scream so she would know I'm still inside but ... yeah... lol
I really feel sorry I couldn't bid goodbye to my friends but I was really in a rush. >_<

If you were there, I hope you also enjoyed the even/con/concert and stuff. If you weren't there, well, there will always be a next time so don't worry!!! :3

I'm ending my post here and I'm leaving few photos I took during the concert.

I will also post some videos later on my Youtube channel here.