Wednesday, March 16, 2016

All-in-one make up review (Etude House, MISSHA, Too Faced, Holika Holika)

A all-in-one review of 5 products including Etude House, MISSHA, Too Faced, Holika Holika! 
I think that would give you an overview on a full make up face.

First, non-make up face.
(I did applied skincare here though)

Full face make up.

(photo is not edited at all)

1) Holika Holika - Wonder Drawing (01)
There is no much to said, it's a eyebrow pencil, easy to use, no need to shaved the pen. 
Super cheap ~$6

2) Too Faced - Lash Injection
It's a super nice waterproof mascara, long lasting unless you rub your eyes, easy to remove.
The big brush is a little inconvenient for people who has short lashes like me, the mascara would smudge a little on your lids.

3) MISSHA - Perfect concealer (23)
It's a cream concealer, available in Light beige 21 or Natural beige 23. The coverage is not that good but I like the creamy texture and the fact that it won't cake on your skin. This one is also cheap, it's about $5 I believe? 

4) Etude House - Color Lips Fit (RD301)
Available in different colors, and they are all super pretty! I used it for a while and I must say that it actually makes your lips a bit dry. It's super long lasting since it's a tint, super pigmented!

5) MISSHA M Magic Cushion moisture (23)
Also available in Light Beige (21) or Natural Beige (23). 
Very easy to apply, you only need a small quantity to cover your whole face. The result is very natural thanks to the pad.
My skin is sensitive so I cannot really use a lot of products tbh, I heard a lot about cushion BB cream and I was wondering if I would be able to use it.. I pondered a lot but it's only $10 compared to other cushions so I thought I would give it a try, boum, love it!

I got those products either from Cosmetic Love or Rinishop. Too Faced mascara from Sephora.
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I hope that quick all-in-one review was helpful! :) 
Drop a comment below if you have any question!