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「There is no tomorrow」

Aww, I'm so busy and I have nothing interesting to post! So I'm gonna share a vid I'm watching a lot since .. few days ago. It's not very new but it's 「Now」(There is no tomorrow) of Trouble Maker!

To be honest I'm neither a fan of Trouble Maker nor Beast nor 4 Minutes. lol But this time I think the concept is really cool and the outfits!! They are so amazing!

If you watched or if you're gonna watch the Live performance, they're always changing outfit, from the Biker leather jacket, leopard printed vest to the harness dress etc... ((o(*゚▽゚*)o))
It's so inspiring! I always love the tartan check print, leopard print, ripped jeans.. It's always fashionable and never outdated! I'm only talking about the fashion.. lol

Here is a example ( quickly picked on New Look website)

A bi-fabric jacket ( 50€) Velvet dress (now 19€ in sale) Stacks of bracelet (12€) Some straps heels (35€)
122€ worth for the whole, pretty expensive.. lol 

And for the song its…