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Hello Bubble - Milky Ash color Hair dye [ REVIEW ]

Months ago, I bought 2 box of Milky ash color hair dye from Korea.  It's from the brand Mise en Scène and of course, it's a foam hair dye.  

So as you can see, it's brown but kinda.. grey-ish? 

It didn't smell bad, when it runed into foam, it was dark.

So, here is my hair before I dyed it. It was light blond, a hint of pink and dark blonde for the rest.

And here is how it look after the dye:

So .. it's.. dark blonde? And my bang is purple/grey/brown color...  Even though all my hair was supposed to be this color.. well.. 

Then, you may wonder how it would work on dark hair?  I can show you my roots.
As you can see, it didn't worked at all on dark hair. I'm not sure it will work well if you wanted to try.

Yep, definitely dark blonde... wtf?

And this is how it looked after 2 weeks (about 6-7 shampoos)
Well, my bang turned into a blue-ish grey. The rest is still blonde. 

Overall: 2/5 Price: $$ (~$15?)
I don't think it'll work on dark hair, you&#…