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Unsignificant cosplay WIP and news

I didn't do much recently so I don't have any tutorial or review to show you.
I'm on holidays now so I using this time to finish my cosplay, especially for Shingeki no Kyojin. So actually I bought quite a lot and used all my money mostly on material and fabrics.

I bought a new headphone and a pair of striped socks for Arisugawa cosplay (Fukumenkei Noise) and Kureha cosplay (Monochrome shounen shoujo). Too engrossed into Ryoko Fukuyama sensei mangas, haha.

And taking my cosplay hobby seriously, I also order some samples for Kureha's usamimi. I still don't know which color would be fit for her ears.. I don't have enough colored drawing of she.. è_è

I also went to buy some fabrics, ended up buying very expensive one: fake leather for Levi's cosplay and some nice poplin grey fabric for his shirt and some nowenven fabric for "a base".  Here's a pic of my WIP.

I also bought some cream. Always wanted to try Kose's Sekkisei collection..  Still no…