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Cosplay Tutorial - How to make Judal bracelets/bangle?

Since I'm not in mood to finish my math homework, I'm gonna share my super tutorial that I made infew minutes !

Judal's cosplay is nor hard: cropped top and harlem pants.  The point are his bracelets and his necklace/choker. 

First I thought about buying some PVC bracelets in gold, I found them on Ebay for a fair price but they were too large for my wrists and I need 20 of them, which is quite.. impressive. Plus, I need a choker with the same color and material. Obviously I couldn't buy some... 
First thing I did was to buy some gold vinyl fabric:
(don't mind the lace, it's for my Doll cosplay)

Then I pondered for many months, what should I use?
Should I fill it like with a plush? Should I buy some rope to fill it? ...
Neither of them seem to be a nice solution... Then I came across something nice!

Close enough? :D I don't know what it's called, but it's made of foam, so super light and easy to cut! It's something to prevent tolders to bump thei…