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TOO FACED Grande Hotel Café: Eggnog Latte - Review + Swatches

Grande Hotel Café finally came out two days ago in France at Sephora and..
I've been waiting for this forever! So I went out and bought it today!! :D  But to be honest, I already own a lot of make up and especially brown-ish tones so with a friend we decided to split it and I only took the Eggnog Latte palette.

The packaging is so cute and it smells heavenly!  I've never had eggnog but to me it smells like Pumpkin Spice Latte, haha.

Here are some swatches:

I am a bit disappointed at Frosty Nog and Eggnog Latte, the eye shadows aren't very pigmented and I actually swatched it many times so it could be visible.. :(
On the other hand, I am absolutely in love with Iced Coffee, Cold Brew and Central Perk! Especially Cold Brew, it looks like gold on the palette but as you can see it's brown with gold sparkles, the color is so rich!

The blush is all good. :D Very cute peach color, I already own a similar color though.
I'm buying so much make up lately, aish, But I'm l…