Palty - Awapack Hair Color in Cream Caramel - Review (on blonde hair)

You can call this my umpteenth hair experience but it's my first time trying Palty bubble hair dye.
I got tired of my very yellow blonde hair and I thought about dying it in a light brown color.

The box contains: the coloring cream, the oxyde water and hair conditionner. 
It also comes with a cup and some sort of spatula to mix the color. And of course, the instructions and a pair of gloves.  

The usual, mix the cream and the oxyde water: then you're done!
Unlike bubble hair dyes from Etude House, this one doesn't smell great. D:


This is what my hair looked it before I dyed it: very yellow blonde.


Surprise! I even got blonder than before.
I was laughing to much, I know that bubble dyes don't work well on light colored hair but I thought I'd get a darker shade of blonde but it surprisingly went lighter!
I guess it's because there's a ash tone in it, so it toned my yellow color.

The tips of my hair became a very light ash blonde color.


- It doesn't work at all on blonde hair (unlike Etude House dye, see my other posts)
- Not really easy to apply it on hair, it drips here and there

To be honest, I don't see any .. concrete effect on my hair so I don't know what I can say about it. What I can say is that at least it toned down my hair color. But it's probably the first hair color I tried that works that little on blonde hair. (You can look for my other 'hair experience' on my blog).
I'm kinda disappointed because when Palty did they classic cream hair coloring, it worked very well and the outcome was great. 

Bought on Ebay for ~$12.


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